Working with plastics is now a challenge: they must be appropriately used and that use must be justified. We are straightforward about this: we are happy talk about what underlies our materials. Our primary goal is to work responsibly respecting the environment, people and society, reducing waste and plastic refuse to zero.

Manufacturing products in a sustainable way means knowing where they come from: our production chain constantly invests in order not to overlook current pollution policies and to maintain respect for the environment, a precious commodity that humans must preserve.

We are our heritage; operating ethically enables us to live with respect for the region where we work and to act continuously. With the same commitment, we invest in the safety and training of our team: qualified and cutting-edge staff, for a sustainable company and a sustainable environment.

In depth

IBS Moulding Srl has always been sensitive to the issues of safety and environmental protection and seeks to consolidate and develop its activities through the continuous improvement of corporate processes, from the standpoint of safety and environmental impact, with particular reference to the phases of transformation, handling and processing of materials, products and process residues.

IBS Moulding not only complies with voluntary and/or binding standards and laws, but also ensures our management is sensitive to respect for the environment, safety and health at work.

Particular attention is paid to the management of natural resources and energy, to ensure they are rationally used and to minimise waste: to this end, processes and production facilities are monitored and carefully maintained.