Quality is a core principle in our company charter. Certifying the operation of our processes means guaranteeing an impeccable product and service.

Checking the quality of items means working in suitable environments while monitoring the stages of each production process.
For each production batch, we perform testing and sample checks during and at the end of the production process, subjecting each batch to rigorous checks through strict internal procedures prior to release.

Quality control

Our company uses Good Manufacturing Practices to establish the suitability of our products. The process takes place in ISO 8 controlled contamination environments, equipped with air treatment systems that control environmental cleanliness and verify micro-climatic conditions.

All tests to validate the contamination values of clean rooms comply with international regulations and are constantly monitored by our Quality Assurance.

We work with a quality management system certified according to the ISO 13485 standards, through constant control performed by an internal metrology centre using modern optical devices and contact measurements.
This, our forty-year experience and professional expertise guarantee the high quality of our products.


ISO 13485 Certification

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