About us

Transforming plastic exactly as required, giving form to your every need: this is our mission.

IBS Moulding was created in 1983 to produce primary packaging and other technical items made from plastics for the medical, homoeopathic and cosmetics sectors.
In this time, we have learned how to communicate with our customers, understand their needs and become an integrated partner in their production cycle and that is why, in addition to production, we also work on services; we have the technical know-how needed to support companies in the execution of ideas and products.
Operating today and being active in the market means investing your time to build on your existing knowledge – and we never stop advancing.
We constantly strengthen synergies with partner companies, controlling the entire production chain.
We have ambition and passion in what we do; we are agile and flexible; we work as a team to ensure excellence at all times.

We believe in tomorrow and in the future.