22 September 2022

ISCC PLUS Certification | IBS Moulding more and more green!

Since July 2022, IBS Moulding has acquired the ISCC+ certification, thanks to the use of raw materials of plant origin.

The ISCC+ standard is linked to the sustainability objectives included in the 2030 Agenda presented to the United Nations and ensures sustainability along the entire production chain, through the traceability of all the operators who are part of it.

For the ISCC+ scheme, sustainability means ensuring the absence of deforestation, protection of biodiversity and land, respect for human rights, implementation of environmental, social and ecological sustainability criteria, maintenance of good agricultural and environmental conditions, development of local communities and compliance with international laws/treaties.

With reference to industrial applications, sustainability means ensuring the use of bio components, the practice of recycling and the use of renewable energy.

ISCC+ certification is on a voluntary basis and its obtainment by IBS represents the will to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable management within our supply chain.