8 May 2023

If 40 years seems too little

Experience is something precious. In 40 years, we have built-up quite some and we are proud of the innovations and of the trusting relationships that we have been able to build and strengthen over time. And yet, to see them today, through the gaze of a new generation that points straight to the future, they almost seem few. 40 years today, in IBS Moulding, are above all the springboard for a future full of challenges to be overcome and opportunities to be seized.

We will take a break to celebrate this important milestone, but not immediately. For now we are focused on some important projects that we will talk about soon, ranging from new markets to which we are opening, to the continuous improvement of the product, without forgetting the people who every day make IBS Moulding a cutting-edge company.

To start, we are happy that to talk about our 40 years is a specialized magazine like NCF – Notiziario Chimico Farmaceutico (Chemical and Pharmaceutical Newsletter), which has dedicated us a beautiful article. You can find it at the link below, where you can browse (in Italian) or download the PDF version.

Download PDF