Founded in 1983, IBS Moulding is located near Milan. The company’s main activity is injection molding of plastic for the pharmaceutical sector. Each product is made upon order of the customer.


IBS Moulding reinforced its productions and became a benchmark in the plastic molding technical articles: precision, timeliness and competitiveness are the hallmarks of the company.


IBS Moulding focused its resources on research and development by investing in new projects and innovative technologies. Besides toll manufacturing services the company started offering its own developed products internally and independently: dosers patented for pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry.


In 2006 IBS Moulding increased its potential yield by combining the historical headquarters of Bovisio Masciago (MB) with an additional manufacturing facility located in Montorfano (Como).

The research and development continued: designed new packaging for homeopathy and started using the innovative plasma technology for plastic surfaces treatment.


In 2011 IBS Moulding tightened strategic alliances with companies owning complementary technologies and leader in the production of molds: the synergies that thus raised allowed the company to control the entire production chain, following the manufacturing processes from design to delivery of high complexity articles.

IBS Moulding thus associated the quality of the artisan companies, the flexibility, high levels of customization and creation of patents, the competitiveness and the accuracy of the technology industry.

Today the company is an international benchmark in the fields of injection plastic molding manufacturing. Guna, Chiesi, IBSA, Artsana Group and Church & Dwight are just some of the clients we work with.