The original customer’s idea is processed by IBS Moulding to take advantage of the characteristics of the raw material chosen and optimize the production process, defining limits and technological, aesthetic and economic constraints of the project.


Through the use of a software of simulation process and 3D printing, IBS Moulding is able to create physical prototypes of the finished product, estimating, from the early stages of the project, mechanical, aesthetic and dimensional characteristics.


Following the stage of Product Engineering, IBS Moulding deals with designing of the mold and of any auxiliary equipment devoted to the implementation and monitoring of the project, mechanical, aesthetic and dimensional characteristics. The molds are made with accurate standard by professionals with many years of experience in this sector. The flow analysis is carry out by dedicated software.


The sampling has the aim of:
1- verify that the mold corresponds to the needs of the Customer; to do this IBS Moulding uses specific devices for dimensional inspection, measuring machines contact (Coordinate Measuring Machine), optical measuring machines (Vision Measuring Machine) and traditional “bench instruments”.
2- define parameters and capacity of the manufacturing process or for a constant quality; why techniques are used SPC (Statistical Process Control);
3- qualify the product through the use of appropriate measurement devices and freeze the production process;
4- record the data required for the preparation of specific operating instructions are essential for the production.




Using air recirculation dryers and dehumidifiers, IBS Moulding makes the raw material free of residual moisture in order to guarantee stability to the manufacturing process.


Using a wide range of presses technologically advanced (from 70 to 220 tons with a capacity of injection up to 500 gr) enables IBS Moulding to ensure high quality standards at competitive prices. The facilities let a strict quality control system and quick changes in in production configuration through to dedicated control software. Every manufacturing process is performed in the particle contamination controlled room ISO8.

IBS Moulding is equipped with:

  • automated presses
  • presses with rotary table
  • molding presses with gas
  • combined molding process
  • technology to make changes and activations surface treatments with cold plasma.


The company is structured in order to run assembly of parts using various equipment and specialized operators.


The quality assurance uses traditional test tools of and advanced measuring devices such as measuring machines contact (Coordinate Measuring Machine) and optical measuring machines (Vision Measuring Machine).



IBS Moulding is able to support shipments in every part of the world thanks to privileged relationships with companies leader in logistics and transport.