With different equipment (air exchanger driers, dehumidifiers) raw materials become free from residual moisture and the process stability is guaranteed thanks to a periodical check assuring that materials are complying with manufacturer’s specifications.


The original client’s project is developed to be realized with the best plastic material. In this phase all, the economic, technological and aesthetic parameters are set always in close co-operation between the client and the inner company divisions.


With our simulation software for process and 3D printing, IBS Moulding is able to evaluate with extreme accuracy and from the first steps of the project that will be the mechanical, aesthetics and dimensional characteristics of the product creating physical prototypes.

Following the Product Engineering begins the phase of designing of the mold and of all possible auxiliary equipment that will check every single product.
The molds are designed and realized in every detail (the extractors, the punches, and the materials.) by selected and specialized professional operators with multi-year experience, following the instructions of our technicians. The analysis of the flows, made through special software is fundamental to complete the realization of the mold.


Check that the mold, entirely inspected, realizes the required part correctly, using specific devices, requested by the customer, for the necessary dimensional check, as well as coordinate measuring machines, vision measuring machines and traditional bench instruments.

Define the process parameters and capability for subsequent production; on the base of modern, constantly maintained machines, we can define the process capability for new products, using SPC (Statistical Process Control) techniques and hence ensuring a constant quality standard for all the following supplies;

Qualify the product, by using appropriate measuring devices, in order to obtain the Customer’s approval and “freeze” the production process. Qualified personnel in continuous cooperation with the Customer follow the entire sampling phase; at the end of this phase and in case of successful outcome, all the necessary data are recorded for creating the specific Operating Instructions that are essential for implementing the subsequent production.


The production stretched within many different fields, the use of a great (from 70 to 250 tons with ability of injection up to 500gr) range of molding machines allows us to reduce the costs increasing the quality and the competitiveness on the market. Thank to our top technology structures we can adopt stricted quality controls maintaining flexibility being able to change quickly our production configurations. The machines are equipped with a software that allows the control of preset parameters of process that guarantee the monitoring of the highest possible level steadiness. Every production takes place in particles contamination checked white room ISO8.

All the plants are equipped with:

  • Automatic molding machines
  • Rotating molding machines
  • Machines for gas molding
  • Combined molding process


The company is able to perform, when in demand, assemblages of details using different equipment and specialized people.


The quality control is made with kind of traditional tool and modern measurement devices like CMM (Coordinates Measuring Machine) and VMM (Vision Measuring Machine). Thanks to these and to the ability of our technicians we are able to periodically verify the critical quotas of each particular. On demand can be made capacity analysis using specific techniques in phase of sampling.


Thanks to our developed international relationships and to our logistic partner who support us with shipments, supply clients in every part of the globe.